Monday, March 03, 2008

Shirley Temple

La añeja y cinéfila coplilla que hoy os presento nos fué transmitida a mi y a mis hermanas y hermano por vía materna:

"¡Ñam, ñam!"

"Tiene Shirley Temple
tan pequeña boca
que dentro le caben
cien platos de sopa,
cuarenta pepinos
y cien calabazas,
un cajón de higos
y otro de pasas"


kap said...

Je, je. Si tot això cap dins d'una boca petita... que s'hi deu oder posar dins la d'algun "bocazas"?
(t'he enviat un email, espero que algun dels correus que tinc teus, encara rutllin)

Franco said...

Than god she has a "pequena boca". I wonder what could she fit in it if she had a large one.

Oh, BTW. Avoiding spoilers of recent american topics is becoming harder and harder. Luckily I have developed a sort of "Radar sense" to avoid them. :p

See Ya around, Glori.


Gloria said...

Je, je... si, a saber el que podria entrar dins de l'enorme "bústia" d'alguns tertulians radiofònics XD

Gloria said...

Francesco, we used to have a riotous time when I was little whenever we were singing that song: and more when we had in mind an image of cute li'l Miss Temple eating all the stuff!

Re Spoilers: good thing you have the radar, LOL, still, notice I put a spoiler warning on my comments of the latest DD reviews, as I'm aware that many people wait for the trade or follow the series in its publication in other countries.

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