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Daredevil #102: The man who has everything

Spoiler warning: Review of "Daredevil" Vol. 2 #102. Some plot details are dealt with here, so beware if you haven't read this issue and the previous ones as there are spoilers ahead.

Nota a los seguidores de la edición en Castellano de Panini: para los que sepais inglés, recordad que actualmente hay un año de diferencia entre la edición USA y la española de Daredevil, eso quiere decir que en este post sobre "Daredevil" Vol. 2 #102 se destripan elementos de la trama. Avisados estais.

In Daredevil #102, Brubaker delivers yet another chapter in the current confrontation between Daredevil and his vicious enemy Mr. Fear. The tension keeps growing, as the different plots form a compelling tapestry of events. Michael Lark maintains the excellence in the graphic department along with Stefano Gaudiano and Matt Hollingsworth, and gives us in this issue some mighty, dynamic fight scenes.

In this issue we get a further focus in Larry Cranston, a.k.a. Mr. Fear. Brubaker has developed him into someone to be afraid of, a man detached of the slightlest bit of humanity, someone who manipulates at will and has no scruples to take what he needs. A megalomaniac eaten by an insignificant grudge of many years ago. A truly despickable guy... And he's enjoying himself, top of the world, ma!... for he's making Matt Murdock's life completely miserable.

I feel that, by describing Fear's power, Brubaker is also slyly pointing at his weaknesses. We see Cranston with three dames in bed: Women, of course, who have been lured by the power of his Fear drugs, otherwise he would not get such chances. We see him beat highly skilled fighters who are his trainers, but not out of skill, but out of their fear to strike his master. On top of that, he treats his men lousily, with contempt, even the trusty Enforcers... And he killed the very man who was responsible for his current success: the late chemistry whiz Dante Govich. Cranston is a conceited man, and one hopes that his ego overlooks some relevant loophole which will lead to his defeat. For, just between us, what he's done has no name: driving an innocent woman like Milla insane just to screw her husband is just sick.

Where Cranston's team is ruled by fear, Murdock's team is ruled by love. Fear's induced allegiance is in stark constrast with the genuine loyalty of Matt's friends and associates... Yes, I said "team", for although Murdock remains still much the lone hero he's always been, he's assembled a group of steadfast individuals around him, ready to support and help him. And the list grows: Detective Kurtz, Dakota's friend in the NYPD, is instrumental in putting Matt in the trail of Mr. Fear, which leads to a most spectacular brawl, as Matt gets to Hell's Kitchen to find that the Enforcers are fighting a couple of the Hood's henchmen who are there to claim the territory: The Wrecker and Razor's fist.

Murdock greets the neighbourhood's visitors

Anyone else would probably sneak away at the sight of such a brawl... But Daredevil is a hero who has fought Namor and the Hulk single-handled, so he doesn't avoid them. It must be said, however, that he just doesn't head in thoughtlessly, and is able to manoeuvre smartly so the contenders knock each other down. However, while Murdock is engaged with the Wrecker, the Enforcers leave the spot. Matt looses Fear's track, and then the fight with the Wrecker, someone who is a bit out of his league. He's got, however, some good news awaiting for him at home.

Modest Mr. Nelson credits the witness for the prosecution

And now comes a moment of happiness for any dedicated Nelsonian: Foggy has been able to convince the District Attorney that Milla should be released. Yes, the Fogster is competent and one is glad for that, for even a writer like Bendis, who had an obvious concern for the character, depicted him as a somewhat bumbling fellow who was unable to get Matt released under bail back in DD #81. Brubaker seems to have more respect for him, and presents him as someone in whom Matt can fully depend while he's engaged in vigilante duties. Above that, Foggy's been able to pull that having the mind-numbing, pheromone-scented Lily Lucca around. Though it is Miss Lucca uncertain testimony has allowed him to defend Milla successfully... hum, makes me wonder about Lily's intentions: that woman is still a mistery.

However Milla has to remain under house arrest and under constant medication and care by a nurse, but Matt is still immensely relieved... And that brings a chill to our bones, for Cranston is aware of the situation, and Milla's release, and doesn't seem to be annoyed by that: it's all part of his plan.

Lois, not the night nurse ("Daredevil: Born Again", by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli)

At this point, well, one feels like a reader that Matt has no safe ground to step over... from where will the next blow come? I mean, one is no longer sure about anything or anybody. Elsa the nurse, for instance, seems a nice enough person, but... hum, this is not the first time we see nurses in Daredevil... Anyone remember Lois?


Olaf said...

Y que no puedo leer tus posts de DD porque sigo la versión española...:(

Gloria said...

Version Española? el programa de Cayetana Guillén Cuervo? Es broma... XD

Ahora en serio, con esto de andar de hija de la noche- en plan Batgöman de mono azul-, se me han acumulado varios números de la edición de Panini sin comentar... A ver si estos dias aprovecho y me pongo al dia

Jaime Sirvent said...

No he leído el post porque también sigo ese programa que hacen Matt Murdock, Brubaker y Cayetana Guillén Cuervo en Panini .

Pero no quiero dejar pasar la oportunidad de hacer un breve comentario de la que para mí es una de las mejores , si no la mejor serie Marvel/DC que se publica en la actualidad.Merece absolutamente la pena pagar todos los meses por disfrutar de una maravilla así, y sólo espero que desaparezcan pronto las dichosas miniseries complemento.

Olaf said...

Eso, eso!

Gloria said...

Bueno, no voy a decir que el DD de Brubaker me gusta mucho porque ya es bastante obvio. Aunque tambien me gusta mucho el Capi de Bru (como ya sabes) y me pienso abonar a Criminal y a Puño de Hierro en cuanto la Cayetana los invite a su "pograma".

Lo de los complemetos es una maldición: ahora que tenemos al cuernecitos suelto nos amenazan con la mini sobre su padre "Battling" Jack Murdock... Ojo, que la serie tiene buena pinta... pero preferiría leerla aparte (sí, me la compraría en un tomo) y no de complemento, ya que creo que el complemento es un peaje que nos hacen pagar a los aficionados al personaje, y que el sobreprecio que provoca puede alejar a aquellos que tengan sólo un interés ligero por el personaje.

Pero en fin, este seria un debate largo y los de "Versión Española" no nos van a hacer ni puñetero caso

Jaime Sirvent said...

Pues sí, los de Versión española pasan bastante de nosotros como se ha demostrado, y seguirán a su bola con lo de los complementos.

Yo también me pienso abonar a Criminal y a Puño de hierro. A ver si la Cayetana los trae prontito.

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