Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pata de palo

Una nueva adición, cortesía de la amiga Julia que me ha pasado el siguiente clásico de canciones para borrachos:

Desde que te vi con la pata de palo
dije para mí: "malo, malo, malo, malo"

Desde que te vi con la pata de madera,
dije para mí. "fuera, fuera, fuera, fuera"

Ahí queda grabada para la posteridad, que no van a ser sólo Ismael y la Banda del Mirlitón los únicos que recuperan clásicos populares.


pod said...


i stumbled into this off-shoot of the shrine to charles to. and am waiting for a post devoted to our orchats. and while you're at it one for the calcots. my other catalan passion.
i lived 3 years in barcelona but unfortunately my catalan has gone the way of the warrior, leaving only spanish which (travesty) has taken a madrileno tinge. since that is where my parents live now.

Gloria said...

I want to prepare an introductory article... with the origins, diffrent types of Orxata, etc... I have to work some photos from my favourite spots, too. I am a little fuzzy over work now, but Once I'm over it I will do it.

Quite strangely, I have yet to taste calçots properly... yes, I like onions, I like calçots sauce and I even had a boyfriend from Valls!... Queer, isn't it?

Though I certainly like Pa amb tomaquet and Escalivada ;D

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