Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elektra Dark Reign #2: Elektra Assasin Vs. "Terminator" Nelson

Comments on Dark Reign: Elektra #2
A Marvel Comic.
by Zeb Wells (Script), Clay Mann (pencils), Mark Dennington (inks) and Matt Hollingsworth (Colors)
Spoiler level: Some spoilers ahead, but not huge ones

It's late at night and you're still at the office, working hard. That's one of the advantages of having a partner who spends most of his time in spandex: you have to catch up with most of the firm's routinely stuff.

Suddenly, you hear a crashing noise "hum... this time Matt didn't even bother to open the window... maybe it's time for a little radar revision?"

Surprise, surprise...

One of the funniest things about working with Matt Murdock is that, well, you can always count on one of his gorgeous ex to drop by the office late at night.

"Well, I've been abducted for an undetermined span of time by shapeshifting aliens, then kept safely locked in a cell by Norman Osborn and his hammer-ites... and I just said to myself 'what's a girl gotta do in a boring evening like that?' so I busted my cell, annihilated all the guards crossing my path, and got out of the helitransport and 'Hey! Let's see what the Fogster's doing right now!"

Foggy's brain is a perfect storm of questions "Did someone sent her to kill me again?" "Maybe she wants to protect me as she did when I was in Witness Custody..." "But was she then the real deal... or a Skrull?" "Should I tell her that Matt was, hum, patrolling tonight with Natasha?" Huh-oh... He doesn't like the way she stares at him Oh, man... this is like... THE END!! Anyway, I'll withstand: "Guts" Nelson won't give up his life without fierce resistance"

Nevermind, this is only the outcome of Round One... Or is it? Will Foggy be able to knock out Elektra? Or shall Miss Natchios be able to force Nelson's surrender?

Natchios Vs. Nelson... Possibly the most spectacular showdown of the past week chez Marvel (even over the Incredible Hercules beating the hell out of the Sentry)



Awesome artwork

Gloria said...

Indeed, this is the second comic I see drawn by Clay Mann and I must say he's very good.

Draws well, but he's also good at storytelling and pannel composition. Hopefully we'll see more of him!

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